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Say ‘I Do’ to the Perfect Dress: A Guide to Finding Your Dream Bridal Gown

by Jeson
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Do you want your ‘I do” moment to be in the wedding dress of your dreams? This is the moment every girl has dreamed of since she was little. Remember those Disney princesses you used to idealize as a young girl? You were in awe of their stunning ball gowns that were no less than perfect.

Now that you’re getting married, it’s your time to shine in your dream bridal gown. Bridal stores in Denver have some of the dreamiest wedding dresses if you’re looking for one.

Here’s how you can find your dream bridal gown.

Do Your Research

When searching for the perfect wedding dress, do a lot of research. Go through your favorite lifestyle magazines. Rip out pages of the dresses you like. See what your favorite celebrities wore at their weddings. Moreover, Pinterest also has an array of options to explore.

Browse through the websites of your favorite wedding dress designers; visit wedding boutiques for some fun window shopping; take pictures of the dresses that appeal to you if the store allows you to. Platinum Bridal’s an amazing choice if you’re looking for wedding boutiques in Denver.

Compile a list of all your favorite picks from your research. Then scout out a connecting theme. What kind of dresses do you see yourself leaning toward? Are they silk ball gowns and A-line dresses? Do they have lace and embellishments on them? Find a few common styles that you like and share your ideas with your bridal dress designer.

Go into it with an Open Mind

Most women already have an image of what the perfect dress looks like. However, while trying on bridal gowns, they often get disappointed. This is because the dresses they try on aren’t what they envisioned them to be. But that doesn’t mean those dresses aren’t beautiful.

Of course, it’s your big day, so you should decide how you want your dress to be. However, you might miss out on some great wedding dresses if you don’t give them a chance. Some women try on and fall in love with dresses they’d never even considered. That’s why it’s important to be flexible and open while going bridal gown shopping. You might stumble upon your dream gown without even knowing it’s your dream gown!

Bridal gown sizing can be confusing. Often, your gown’s number can be a size or two bigger than your regular size in clothes. Just know that that’s normal and nothing to be terrified of if that happens.

Even if you’re planning on losing weight before your wedding, buy a dress that’s right for your size. That’s because you don’t want to be struggling to get into your dress on your big day because it’s too snug on you.

Start Shopping Early

Last-minute bridal shopping never ends well. It only causes potential disasters with lots of stress. Therefore, start shopping for your bridal gown early. It can take four to eight months to prepare a bridal dress. And even after that, there will be accessorizing and size alterations. So, you need to take into account the time for any modifications or additions.

While it’s advisable to shop early for your dream bridal gown, don’t shop too early either. This is especially for those who care about following fashion trends. There’s a possibility that your chosen gown may go out of style by the time your wedding day arrives, or you may even find a prettier gown later. Therefore, you don’t want to end up regretting shopping too early.

The perfect bridal gown doesn’t have to be overly expensive—or out of your budget. Therefore, before you get all excited while bridal gown shopping, figure out your budget first and try to stick to it.

Decide on a Wedding Theme

Before you start gown shopping, decide whether you want a beach-themed wedding or a simple wedding at an indoor wedding. This is important because it’ll help you decide what kind of wedding dress you should get. For example, a sheath wedding dress would look great at a beach wedding. Therefore, decide on the theme beforehand so that your wedding dress and theme don’t clash.

Pick Your Silhouette and Fabric

The shape of your dress is dependent on your preferred style, the venue, and the mood of your big day. Moreover, it also depends on what shape looks best on your body type. For example, a fit and flare dress is flattering on most body types. If you have an hourglass figure, a mermaid gown would look amazing on you.

Paying attention to the fabric is also important. Similarly, the color and embellishments matter as well. If you want a structured dress, go for heavier fabrics like silk shantung. It’ll look great, especially if you’re on the curvier side. However, if you think lighter, unstructured materials will look better on you, go for chiffon.

Make an Appointment

Most bridal stores require you to make an appointment for bridal dress trials. It’s beneficial to have a bridal consultant because they can help you decide on the perfect dress. They’ll be there to help you from choosing which style suits you best to the fitting. So, schedule an appointment at your favorite bridal boutique—and start shopping for your dream bridal gown!

Find Your Dream Bridal Gown At Platinum Bridal’s Wedding Boutique in Denver

Platinum Bridal is a wedding boutique in Denver offering elegant wedding designer dresses. Their cooperative and experienced staff ensures you’re able to find the perfect dress. If you’re searching for wedding dresses in Denver, contact them to schedule an appointment right now.

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